Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Jio Cricket Play Along?

    Jio Cricket Play Along is an exciting concept which allows you to play a cricket play-along game during the T20 matches scheduled throughout the year.. The application will display the questions and answer options in sync with the Match broadcast. Based on the answer options shown on the App, players should select the answer, thereby submitting it. Answers will be revealed on the App subsequently. Correct answers enable a player to earn points.
  • How do I get Jio Cricket Play Along?

    Players should download the latest version of MyJio app (available for Android on Play Store / for iOS on App Store for free). Once installed, click on MyJio and click on ‘Jio Cricket Play Along’ banner to start playing the game.
    Non-Jio players will have to confirm the OTP they will receive on their mobile before proceeding. OTP is generated as soon as you submit your details. In case it is not received, please check the number you have entered and click the ‘Re-send’ button.
    We would love for you to do this at least 30 minutes before the match broadcast starts so that you have enough time to get acquainted with the format, and commence playing the game.
  • What should I do if I am not able to access the Jio Cricket Play Along App?

    Thank you for playing Cricket Play Along game. If you are unable to access the Jio Cricket Play Along in the MyJio App, please follow the below steps:
    • Check whether you have data connectivity. It is possible that you might not be able to access the App because of poor data connectivity.
    • Update the latest version of the MyJio App from the Play Store / App Store
    • Force close the MyJio App in your device
    • Clear Cache / cookies from Settings -> Apps -> MyJio
    • Open MyJio App once again
  • Can anyone play the game?

    Only person who is 18 years or above on the date of registration, Indian citizen, and of sound mind & health are permitted to participate.
  • I am not a Jio customer, can I still play Jio Cricket Play Along?

    Yes, you can play so long as you download MyJio and register on the Jio Cricket Play Along game. Non-Jio customers will have to confirm their number by entering the OTP received on their mobiles before proceeding to play the Game.
  • How much time will I get to answer the question?

    In part, it is to keep the spirit of the game alive, and in part, it is to ensure that everybody gets a level playing field. A countdown timer will be depicted for answering each question.
  • The colour of answer option selected did not change, would my answer be recorded?

    Unfortunately no, once the colour changes, it tells us that you have submitted that answer and the same gets recorded at our end.
  • I missed a question, can I give an answer to it at a later time?

    No, the questions displayed on the App will be available for answering, as per the countdown timer. If you missed the question at the time it was displayed, then you can wait for the next question to answer and possible score points.
  • Which score will be referred to for computation of points?

    The scores maintained by the official scorekeeper of the Match will be considered as final. Your points will be calculated on this basis.
  • How are you calculating my points?

    Points are computed as follows::
    • Jio Cricket Play Along Points are calculated based on the type of question. For example, the per over questions (prior to start or during each Over) will have 10 points for each correct choice while the Trivia questions (between overs/timeouts) will have 10 points for each correct answer (as displayed in the game).
    • If the player has activated the Powerplay, then the player will be awarded 3 times the points for that particular over and the trivia for 3 continuous overs.
    Please stay on the App to be able to receive each question on your device.
  • My points are not getting updated / there is an error in the points that I can see. How do I resolve this?

    Thank you for playing Cricket Play Along game. You earn points on the basis of the correct answers that you give for each question. After each correct answer, the points get added to your account and will be visible on the top right hand corner while playing the game. The points are mapped to your mobile number. In case you are playing with a different mobile number, the point accumulation will start afresh.
  • I am not a Jio Customer, will I get the same points as a Jio customer?

    Yes, you will get the same points
  • How do I earn eligibility for Powerplay?

    Powerplay will be awarded to the player in the following ways:
    • The first time you log in to play the game.
    • When you get a level-up by obtaining a certain number of points through correct answers, as mentioned in Annexure A
      A player could earn multiple Powerplays using the above options.
      The player can activate Powerplay at his/her discretion, once the player has been awarded the same. The Powerplay will be awarded as per the following timelines:
    Powerplay eligibility Timelines for when Powerplay will be awarded
    First time the player logs in to play the game Immediately
    First time the player completes the full profile in the game Immediately
    When a player gets a level up in the game Immediately
    • Powerplay eligibility: First time the player logs in to play the game

      Timelines for when Powerplay will be awarded: Immediately

    • Powerplay eligibility: First time the player completes the full profile in the game

      Timelines for when Powerplay will be awarded: Immediately

    • Powerplay eligibility: When a player gets a level up in the game

      Timelines for when Powerplay will be awarded: Immediately

  • When is a Powerplay available for redemption?

    Only 1 Powerplay can be redeemed in an innings. Once the Powerplay is activated, the player could earn 3 times the points for the next 3 questions asked on the App. If the game is completed / ended prior to the three questions asked, then you will not be able to carry forward the Powerplay into the next game i.e. if Powerplay is activated, then it cannot be carried forward into next innings / next match. Unused Powerplays will be carried forward to subsequent innings / match.
  • I have the same points as someone else, but my name is not on the Leaderboard. Does that have any implication?

    The Leaderboard only displays the top 50 names randomly, amongst all the players with the highest points. Please note that this does not affect the winner determination process.
  • What happens if the network connection breaks or I get a call or SMS or have poor data connectivity while I'm playing the game?

    If you get a call or SMS while playing, do not exit the MyJio app, but continue playing after your call has ended. However, the question timer may have ended, in which case you will need to wait till the next question is asked on the App. In the event network connection breaks for any reason, you may not able to play the questions. Please remember to stay in an area with a good data connectivity when playing this game! And do try and avoid lifts, basements, tunnels and any other area where data connectivity could be poor!
  • If I change my phone number, can I continue to play the game?

    Your phone number is your identity in the MyJio app. Using a different phone number would mean you are a new participant to the Game. So, to maximise your points, stick to one phone number! And don’t play with another person's phone number.
  • How do I give you feedback about the Jio Cricket Play Along?

    That’s really sweet of you!! Please email us at